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Flight Training - It's a passion!

A complete one stop shop for Recreational Flying

We have In-house Training, Testing and Maintenance Approval

We're SkyFlyte Aviation and we're "Flying in Tasmania".

Skyflyte Aviation has gained a reputation for delivering the highest quality flight training available, with an impeccable safety record over 35 years that speaks for itself.

Our aim is to deliver the best in training outcomes and in-doing so, we provide an extremely personal one-on-one training environment. Now with a unique high-tech innovation incorporated into each lesson - cockpit video!

We are the pioneers of in-flight cockpit training video.

Our student pilots get the benefit of a High Definition cockpit video recording of every lesson.

Video is the perfect take home tool for the purpose of review and homework after each flight training sequence is completed.

Our solution combines video with audio from the cockpit intercom and flight radio communications. Students get an over the shoulder view of the instrument panel and forward visuals of the outside world, accurately detailing the events of each flight.

Our cockpit-cam is an innovative tool that has become a priceless and well received training aid for our students. To our knowledge, the use of in-flight cockpit video is not being offered anywhere else in Australia!

We provide you with training video at no extra cost and our flight training prices are all inclusive, with no hidden extras.

You can checkout some in-flight training videos in our blog and also follow the latest achievements of our student pilots

Student pilot ab-initio flight training is conducted in our own Foxbat A22LS Light Sport Aircraft, which has fantastic performance and handling characteristics and an in-flight visibility that is second to none.

We're also the Tasmania agent for the Foxbat range of aircraft. So you can buy an aircraft from us and learn to fly and operate it safely as part of the deal.

The A22LS is the latest in modern training platforms and has a state of the art ROTAX 912 engine - the perfect platform for learning to fly and obtaining your Recreational Aviation Pilot Certificate.

Foxbat A22 Training Aircraft Skyflyte Tasmania

We also operate a Lightwing Taildragger for Tailwheel Endorsements - a capability which is becoming increasingly more difficult to find in flight training schools today.

Meet the Chief Flight Instructor

Peter Reed Skyflyte Flying School

Peter Reed

My passion is flying and teaching people how to fly. I aim to produce skilled 'stick and rudder' pilots with the primary focus on risk management and safety.

Peter has been flying for over 40 years and teaching for over 35 years. He has won State and National Flying Competitions and was the original National Two (2) Seat Champion.

Peter was part of the original group that founded the AUF, which has evolved into Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) today. Peter's licence number is a very early 048 of some 10,000 + members.

Over the years many of Peter's students have gone on to become commercial pilots, joined the Air Force and most importantly have continued on to enjoy sport flying and experiencing the world from above

"Hi, I'm Gill Quinn!

I am the "Face on the Ground" at SkyFlyte...

Gill flying the foxbat

My First Solo

You will likely be speaking with me when you make your first inquiry - either for yourself, a family member or perhaps to obtain a Gift Voucher for a special friend!
I have witnessed some of the biggest smiles & 'high fives' when students achieve their milestones, and just like our students, I am also a keen pilot.
I have recently obtained my recreational pilot licence in the fantastic Foxbat A22LS and words simply cannot describe the thrill of making a solo flight as pilot in command!
I revisit the videos of my lessons frequently - they are an excellent revision and learning tool. I am proud to show off my videos, as an excellent example of what you can achieve too!

Learning to Fly is one of Life's Greatest Achievements!
You can Achieve Your Dreams of Flight, Just as I have...

Pilots become part of a supportive community that we are proud to be a part of. We strive to provide ongoing advice and support as part of that community and help is always just a phone call or text message away

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